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Great Tool for Sharing Info with Potential PCs

I love this app! I was signing on several people at month-end and took screenshots of their desired orders so they could see with their own eyes the immediate savings with being a PC, even WITH paying the one-time PC Perks fee; totally closed the deal for the two that were hesitant!

In app purchase

All of a sudden now I can't use the app because you have to pay for the zip code feature. Upsets me because this wasn't stated when I downloaded the app over a year ago 😡


How do I fix the tax amount? It is not correct for the state. Otherwise, I love it.


This was great but the last update made it unusable. Please fix

Must Have

Love this app! Great resource! Extremely helpful!


I love this app! I recently tried to update it and now it is stuck in limbo and won't download or open. Can't delete and reinstall... Help me!

Every R+F consultant needs this now.

I downloaded the app and within 30 seconds, I had what I needed. I'm not tech savvy but this app makes it so simple. Love the accurate and quick comparison of prices. Used it to show a potential biz partner the price difference between PC/consultant price. The best part was that it can include tax/shipping. Not sure why I waited so long. Get this app now! Worth every penny!


Helpful for quick pricing but total is not accurate due to incorrect tax percentage

Could be great

This app could be great if it remembered my user name and location instead of have to type it in for every quote! Would love to have product pics and descriptions too. Bottom line is this app is a great idea but poorly executed.

It's great..only one complaint.

I love this app, except for the inaccuracy in taxes. If that was on point it'd be PERFECT! ☺️💕

Super Helpful app!

I love this app, especially when I am trying to figure out a product transaction while on the go. The only "complaint" I have is the taxes calculation is a bit low. I inevitably have to go into Pulse and actually process the transaction to get an accurate total. Other than that, a really good and helpful app!!

Great app, but price totals are WRONG

I like that the app has all the RF products, but I noticed that some of the expired specials are still on there and WORSE the price totals are WRONG! And it's wrong by more than several dollars. I'm not sure why, but it's embarrassing to be called out by customers and so unprofessional and unreliable.

Love!!! Highly recommend

I love this app and have used it day in and day out. It truly very useful and worth the price. I'd love it if gave more detail as in our commission based on each price point for each product as well as our CV and the like. Would be thrilled if developers cld add such details in the future! It would make the app absolutely indispensable! Highly recommend this app!

Every R+F consultant NEEDS this app!!

I can't say enough good things about My Price Quote! It is simple & easy to use & makes calculations a piece of cake. Used it recently to prepare for a Holiday Open House. Put a bunch of gifts together & was able to figure out the proper pricing for labeling (both PC & retail) in a snap! Also came in handy at the event for calculating totals in no time! As someone who is not very tech savvy, I love the simplicity of this user friendly app! No R+F consultant should be without it!

Love this App

This is a great resource for R+F consultants. Does need updating when new products arrive.

Love it! So glad it exists--one little bug

Hi guys! I'm such a grateful consultant for this app! The current update doesn't let me pick a state though. Maybe you know that, but just in case wanted to let you know!


This is the best app for quoting clients in under a minute Has everything you need with minimum input and clicks. A must for fast service and great business Download today.

Consultant who uses it daily!!!

I love how easy this app is!!!

Yes yes yes

Absolutely love this app. Has become so useful in my business and cannot wait for the update reflecting the new products! A must have for sure!

Makes Business Easy

I love this app! It makes running business on the go so much easier. No more calculators or cheat sheets! So easy to show the benefit of being a consultant too! All around great for business!!

So helpful and easy to use!

As an R+F consultant, I use this almost daily with Consultant and Customer prospects. I usually screenshot the price comparison and share it as a visual aid for prospects or for online events/sales! This is such a handy app and every R+F consultant needs it!


Fantastic APP. Makes it so much easier to get customers quick pricing with the entire amount including taxes. Plus makes it so easy to show the cost difference of a preferred customer versus retail pricing. The best!! Thank you!

Business must have!!

This app has been such a big help for my business! Quick, easy and accurate!!


This app is a must-have for all consultants! It has made talking to prospects and clients so much faster and easier. This is such a time saver and there is no room for a math error!!! Love this!

Premier Level V Leader

This is by far one of the most useful tools I have found in running my business! I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to simplify the sales process!


I use this app all the time for my R+F orders!! It's so helpful when figuring out sales tax and shipping costs!! I give it 5 starts!!I highly recommend it!!

Love love love!!

What an incredible tool for my business!! Huge timesaver!!

Do not download!!!

Product description does not articulate what I made me think it was. Huge waste

Simply Genius

This app has been amazing!!!! I used it in an impromptu consultation at a department store, which can be intimidating for me because I tend to fumble around to get pricing together. It was so quick and seamless that he and his wife are now potential Business Partners! I was able to show them the price difference between PC/Retail/BP..... It was a no brainer!!! It has provided me with a little extra of something I crave most... TIME!!! I Love this app!!!!

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